LKS Architects Inc. was featured in "Architecture Leaders of Today" for the Emory University Data Command Center design, a renovation project in the North Decatur Building on main campus. This project was in an occupied building, with adjacent main-frame computers and campus-wide "mission-critical" operations underway 24/7. Aspects of the design took in to account how the relocation would take place; the furniture systems integration was phased and planned for seamless transition. This was a very rewarding project!

Helpful Tidbits

We use DropBox to store large files for easy access by our clients and team members! Rather than emailing large files, and risking clogging up/freezing and choking an email box, we upload the files to our DropBox, and send a message with a link to the file so our clients can download on THEIR time frame, not when an email box is choked full. By setting up your own drop box, it is possible to have up to 18GB storage area in of a free cloud to back up your data, and gain access from anywhere on the Web! We think this is a pretty neat way to handle file access and sharing without the normal headaches of intranet/FTP and file sharing.
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